Passion for the job: an Employer’s Perspective

Employers interpret passion as curiosity – which is tied to the ability to continue to learn.



There are two sides to continuing to learn:

  • The first is gathering knowledge.
  • The second is the ability to APPLY what you’ve learned.

Your resume shows your ability to learn; you need to demonstrate that you can apply this learning.

So passion, in an employer’s context, means genuine interest, a curiosity about ‘how things work’.

They want you to show that you like taking things apart (whether a computer or an idea, or a string of code) to find out how or if they work. They want to see the knowledge you gained when you tried to put it back together again or built an improved version.

What this all means is that you investigate a problem to find solution.

So demonstrate your knowledge, show that you are not afraid to “get your hands dirty,” so to speak, and that you are not afraid to fail in order to learn.