NDiIT: Building Bridges Between Academia & Industry Proposal For Funding

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    All funding requests should follow the following guidelines:
    • 1.College Name – At least 2 colleges or faculty collaborating in effort
    • 2.Sponsor(s) Name – At least 2 faculty or faculty and industry leaders
    • 3.Industry partner or area: Describe industry area initiative will impact
    • 4.Focus of Initiative – Shared Infrastructure, Resource Development, Curriculum Development, PLA or CBE Develpment, or Faculty Development
    • 5.Funding Amount – Amount of initiative funding requested
    • 6.Timeline to complete – Final product or report completion date
    • 7.Measures of Success – How will initiative be assessed for success
  • Activity DescriptionAssociated DeliverablesStart and End DateWho will get this done? (facilitators bolded) 
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    What approach or strategies will the project follow to achieve the intended outcomes?
  • What measures will be used to evaluate project outcomes and success, what are the targets, and who will produce the summary report? (Note: It is understood that the project timeline may be too short to include student outcome measures.)
  • Provide a BRIEF budget narrative to explain proposed budget. (Include any resources that may be utilized at the institution level for the project as indication of in-kind support.)
  • Funds are distributed to each participant’s institution by Minnesota State to be paid upon project completion expected by end of summer 2017.

    The participant’s supervisor will be informed by the Executive Director of Advance IT Minnesota as to satisfactory completion after all project deliverables are received and assessed.