Interviewing to Get the Job: “If we hire you, how long will you expect to work here?”

By Sharon Boerbon Hanson


This is one time to avoid being specific. A good answer is short, honest, and to the point. For example, “My research indicates a great fit for the company and for me. I’d like to work here a long time.”


It’s also important that the company can fulfill your goals for your career. If you have a “deal-breaker” job requirement, you may want to say, “I hope to work here as long as we both believe I am doing a great job (you can end here, or add the deal-breaker: and I continue to to add value to you and my career).”


Sharon Boerbon Hanson is associate executive director of Advance IT Minnesota, a Center of Excellence that promotes awareness of and excellence in IT careers in order to ensure business success. She has over 25 years’ experience marketing and brand-building, and has been a resume and interview coach 15 years.