Interviewing to Get the Job: “Describe your ideal company and job”
By Sharon Borbon Hanson

WWhen an interviewer says, “Describe your ideal company and job” what is the best answer?


The only answer is a description of this company and the job you are interviewing for.

Here’s how to do that:

Your answer needs to address specifics about both. Before heading to the interview, research the company to discover what compels you (beyond simply wanting employment) to this job and firm. Your answer can address culture, location, industry, mission, job challenge, interest & expertise fit or other reasons germane to you.

Answer with enthusiasm and most of all, answer honestly.

Sharon Boerbon Hanson is associate executive director of Advance IT Minnesota, a Center of Excellence that promotes awareness of and excellence in IT careers in order to ensure business success. She has over 25 years’ experience marketing and brand-building, and has been a resume and interview coach 15 years.